Secure, transparent and compliant Digital Assets based Funds

Empowering fund managers and investors to participate in this all-new asset class

About TheLedgerFund

Next-gen Integrated Digital Asset Fund Management

Institutional interest in digital assets continues to grow as investors look for opportunities to augment and diversify their traditional portfolios. However, long-standing challenges have kept the fund management industry sitting on the fence. Key reasons include the high costs due to various intermediaries being involved and highly opaque processes within traditional fund management to the teething emerging technology complexities and the varying degrees of regulatory evolution associated with digital assets across different jurisdictions.

Blockchain Worx is taking a structured approach to overcome these challenges and is engaged with partners and institutions to pilot integrated Digital Assets fund management via TheLedgerFund. By orchestrating the structuring, distribution and management of a fund on-chain, the next-gen platform aims to automate processes, increase transparency and reduce costs. The goal is to create a comprehensive end-to-end technology platform to effectively structure, distribute and manage digital assets based funds; thereby enabling fund managers, investors and other stakeholders to participate in this fast growing assets class in a secure, transparent and compliant manner.

How it all comes together

TheLedgerFund platform is powered by digital identity, multi-vendor hardware wallets and the Melon protocol smart contracts

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